Warrior of Light Retreat—Men & Women, Bayfield, Colorado

September 18-20, 2020

Warrior of Light Retreat—Men & Women
Bayfield, Colorado

Friday, September 18
Saturday, September 19
Sunday, September 20

Plan to arrive Thursday and leave on Monday.

Warrior of Light

Are you longing for deeper meaning in your life… for clarity and connection?
Do you want alignment with a vision that sparks inspiration, brings joy, and awakens your creativity?
What is your deeper purpose, the one rising to the surface in your life now, calling you irresistibly?
What practical tools will help you on the path to transform your work and family relationships—and your mission—into a fulfilling reality?
Are you guided by a mission in this lifetime?
Do you know who you are, why you are here and Who sent you?
The answers require deep work to access your inner knowing and the wisdom of your most sacred self.

For thousands of years men and women have grounded themselves in nature—guided by light, inspired by divine wisdom—to restore their connection to Spirit, inner wisdom, and creativity.

In service to the Light, they used the power of ritual to facilitate transformation and healing for their people.

The archetype of the Warrior is an instinctual energy. The Warrior is awake, aware, focused.

The Warrior is vigilant for the call to awaken and prays for the will to surrender.

Now you have the opportunity to respond to the same call.



Today the world needs men and women who are strong in spirit, who know their way and serve the Light.

It takes determination and discipline—the energy of the Warrior— to accomplish goals, be a good parent, build a business, cultivate strong relationships, set clear boundaries, address conflict, and heal the wounds of the past.

Warrior energy is essential to reclaim the sacred, cultivate connection to inner wisdom, access courage, see beyond the illusion—and remember the mission.

The Warrior takes a stand and makes a bold commitment to truth and the conditions for peace.

This path is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing surrender, trust, risk failure, walk in unknown territory—and keep walking—with trust and gratitude.


What You Will Gain from the Warrior of Light training

A Warrior of Light embraces their medicine, shares their gifts, brings peace, healing and mastery to life.

This is the Hero’s Journey:

  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and vision.
  • Find the courage to be vulnerable and open in a world that is increasingly judgmental, defensive and shut down
  • Master how to be clear and sober when faced with challenges
  • Learn how to take care of mind, body and spirit in the midst of everyday demands
  • Gain discipline in creating spiritual practices that keep you grounded and close to the guiding energies in your life


Come to the Fire

For more than a decade, I have been a guide of ritual, ceremony, vision quest, sacred breath, and other transformational practices.

I work on the Earth, with the element of Fire, in a Shamanic way.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition, a practice of receiving guidance from one’s own inner wisdom, and through a deep connection with nature, bridging the physical and non physical realms.

The element of Fire is an ancient symbol for transformation and purification:
• release what no longer serves
• surrender to your highest good
• trust and allow wisdom to emerge

A casualty of the modern world is the loss of connection—to nature and the earth, to your spirit and soul, your emotions and intuition, your creativity and wild self, your integrity and sense of wholeness—and a loss of the sacred.


The Warrior of Light Training is for you if you:


• have the desire to reclaim what is sacred
• are ready to listen for what is yours to hear
• want to leave behind distraction and digital noise
• feel your connection to the earth and its wisdom
• become reacquainted with your primal self
• learn powerful tools to facilitate your continued transformation.


You will return to your world empowered, inspired, filled with purpose, vision, and the sure knowledge you have what it takes to live authentically.

Warrior of Light Training:
September 18, 19, 20, 2020

This 3 day training takes place in the majestic mountains of Southwest Colorado, on sacred land. You will be engaged around the fire, under an open sky, and in places on the land the ancients call “the Heart of the World.”

We go to ground together, in a space of safety and trust

We reclaim the sacred in language and practices, that honor the beauty and sanctity of life—your life—and the lives of everyone you touch.

We discover the reason why you are here—the whole reason.


It takes strength

to be true to your highest calling and bring your gifts into the world.

It takes courage  

to be fiercely loving, yet gentle, compassionate, and forgiving.

It takes humility 

to know when to stand and when to kneel.

It takes a Warrior—a Warrior of Light.


The tuition is $997 per person and includes 

accommodations (available on a first-come first-serve basis), farm to table organic food, shuttle service to and from the airport. Accommodations in Durango are additional. A list of hotels can be provided. Camping is also available.

Details will follow at the time your registration is received.
For questions call: (970) 759-4463


I will conduct a personal interview and assessment before and after our retreat. 

Some questions to ponder:

  • What do you value in your life? What is most important to you?
  • How would you describe your purpose or mission in life?
  • What holds you back from sharing who you are, the love in your heart… your light?
  • What passion in you needs to be cultivated?
  • What do you know you need to let go of?