What our Clients Say

Tom Garcia of Reclaim the Sacred in a video interview with Lori Williams of Intuitive specialists.

Lori attended a Reclaim the Sacred 3 day retreat and explains what has transformed in her life because of the retreat. 

Tom Garcia of Reclaim the Sacred is a gifted man on many levels. He is a healer, master story teller, and a natural born shaman. Tom’s element is Fire and I’ve been privileged to attend his powerful fire circle ceremonies on several occasions. During these sacred circles, I’ve witnessed great healings in young and old alike. A natural invocation of Spirit moves thru Tom in such a way that all who participate with him in this ancient and timeless manner cannot help but be affected in a most positive way.
-Robert Han Bishop, PhD
Host & Producer, Transforming Reality Talk Show


A year and a half ago I was desperately seeking healing for my mind, body, and spirit. I was new to Durango, Colorado and was referred to Dr. Tom Garcia by a dear friend. I immediately noticed his authenticity was remarkable just by speaking to him on the phone. I am a Veteran and I was dealing with some mental anguish that was also causing me physical pain. Tom took the time to speak with me over the phone to lift my spirits and guide me in to a healthy direction. I was invited to a private fire ceremony, in which Tom had led, that was deeply healing and transformational. We engaged in courageous conversations and I was able to answer some deep rooted questions that I have been so desperately seeking. Through detailed prayer and blessings at this ceremonial fire I knew I had met someone incredibly powerful and healing. Later that year, I was in a car accident that left my spine fractured and I immediately called Tom. I did not trust anyone else to work on this kind of injury. I have been getting adjusted for the past 5 months and my recent MRI result shows the fracture has completely healed. I will be continuing my adjustments every week to maintain the integrity of my spine and body. I have never met a chiropractor that uses spiritual healing in their practice until now. His kind heart, love for mentoring, and helping others are just a few reasons why all of Tom’s clients keep coming back. How he integrates his gift of being a spiritual healer in to his chiropractic practice has changed my life. Today I am awakened, aware, and fully capable of doing any physical activity. I am grateful and blessed to not only call Tom my chiropractor, but also my friend!

-Lisa Jean Gorgone


It is easy to sing my praises of Tom Garcia and his practice as a chiropractor and naturally talented healer. I commit to a drive from Durango to Ignacio each month even though we have plenty of chiropractors here in town, but Tom is the only one I trust to make me feel really great. I have battled an inner-ear imbalance my whole life and it results in nausea and poor focus, motion sickness, and of course, a lack of balance. For years I took hard-core prescriptions to treat it, until discovering that I could get adjusted instead. I saw other chiropractors but occasionally they were too aggressive and I ended up with migraines. Tom knows just what to do and he explains what is really happening when you align, both structurally and neurologically. Amazing results include being able to go on vacation and actually ‘enjoy’ the travel. Imagine my surprise when I was laughing on a bumpy bus ride or subway! My attention span increased dramatically and I could ride a bike or do a flip turn in the swimming pool without getting dizzy or disoriented. These adjustments are a gift and improve my quality of life so much, especially in work and in family life. To top it all off, Tom is not only skilled at his craft, but he is also a super human being. His warm personality, natural care for others, and ability to listen and intuit how to help people make him truly special. I am a big fan of Tom and his family as well. Thank you, Tom!

-Brenda Macon


I have benefited greatly from sitting around the fire with Tom Garcia. Tom and his authentic work continually remind me of the importance of ritual and sacred ceremony in my life. It’s these times that enable me to safely share and receive. I am always a better person for the experience.

It is rare to be in the presence of such a committed individual as Tom Garcia. His commitment to exploring a deeper connection to the land and to each other is so necessary in today’s world. By creating a safe space his fire circles support the expression of our deepest thoughts and feelings. Through this sharing we learn so much about ourselves, which increases our chances for living a life of purpose and joy.

-Jeffrey Markel


Being with Tom in a fire ceremony is an opportunity to feel deeply held by the ancient mystery of Life. It is a space of safety where we can touch to reveal to ourselves, and perhaps others, what is most important and most intimate. We leave with our hearts less burdened. The dullness gets burned away. Our spirits are lighter, more joyful, and happiness becomes more natural.

Tom brings this offering with strength and humility from his own authentic connection with this ancient tradition.  He is a true guide.

-Zita Xavier


Tom became my chiropractor after I had healed from a ruptured disc. I had not had traditional chiropractic for many years and was very apprehensive and protective of my neck. Over the last 2 years, I’ve come to trust Tom completely. I can relax in his presence because he tunes into me and knows intuitively what is needed. I walk out of his office feeling open, connected, and aligned. Tom works on a deeper level than most chiropractors I have worked with. A natural born healer, he has the ability to assist me in my own healing process both physically and spiritually. Some memorable quotes from him: “Have you been saying your prayers?” And, “Gratitude and forgiveness help with physical healing.” I’m eternally grateful for Tom’s presence in my life.

-Beth McMacken


Sage, shaman, guide, and friend. Sitting at the fire with Tom felt like coming home—ancient, familiar, and profoundly moving. I sat at the fire circle in a small group at a time when there was a fire restriction. Fire was not even necessary to set the sacred space with Tom. Creating sacred space is woven into the fabric of Tom’s being. Naturally and gracefully, he allowed Spirit to direct the ceremony. Authentic connection and heartfelt inquiry flowed easily. When the ceremony closed, an owl flew to a low branch near us. Ancient wisdom works through Tom. He is truly is healer with love in heart for those who are seeking a greater connection to Spirit.



I first started going to Garcia Chiropractic Wellness Center in the Fall of 2011. I had a recurring pain in my left forearm. It was a few months before a scheduled trip to Germany and i wanted my arms in good shape for carrying luggage and daypacks. After a few weeks my arm was healed and I have, for the most part, continued seeing Tom every Wednesday morning for the last 7 years. My weekly adjustments keep me healthy physically and mentally. Tom and I frequently have deep discussions about numerous topics which interest us both. He makes me think!

-Laurie Salazar


“It is difficult if not impossible to express in words what Tom does with his fire ceremonies and his prayer sculptures. It is best to experience these things on your own and to find your own meaning in them. For that is the essence of his work. Each ceremony and each sculpture is personal, sacred and vital to the receiver. They are a spiritual journey that one should take only when one is truly ready. For when you take them with an open heart you will forever be a changed and enlightened being.”

-Brad Tafoya