Forged at the Fire’s Edge

Tom is a native son, a natural born shaman, who has pioneered a path toward healing with a skilled hand, an open heart, and the gift of listening for truth. Tom’s shamanic approach to health and wellness—extends beyond academic and clinical settings and taps into the elements of nature, energy, spirit and the human condition.

With more than 25 years experience as a doctor of chiropractic, and working on the earth at the fire, Tom has inspired and guided hundreds to go inward, listen more deeply, and reclaim the sacred in their lives.

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What does Reclaim the Sacred mean?

The French root of reclaim is reclamare, which means “to call back,” like calling a hawk back to the glove.
The Latin root of sacred is sacre, which means holy; regarded with great respect or reverence.

To reclaim the sacred is to remember your life is sacred, a gift.

To reclaim the sacred is to call back the memory of your wholeness and to honor your relationship with the Intelligence that breathes life into your being.

To reclaim the sacred is to recognize you are the author of your life, the true story of who you are, and gently lay aside the story that no longer serves you.

To reclaim the sacred is to reclaim the power of language—of prayer—and the responsibility to communicate with your Creator in your own words.

To reclaim the sacred is to speak your truth with courage, respect, clarity and authenticity.

To reclaim the sacred is to heal and bless—powers inherent in your being—and to use them to restore harmony and peace in the world.

To reclaim the sacred is to heal the separation within yourself, between yourself and God, between yourself and others; to deepen your trust in the mystery of life; to honor the integrity of all beings, for the greater good.

To reclaim the sacred is to know your way, to be both gentle and fierce, to know your “medicine”—your gift—and to bless everything and everyone on your path.

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“My gift is creating sacred space, where people become present to something more powerful within themselves. The elements of earth, sky and fire provide the space for connecting with the sacred.” 


At the Fire's Edge

At the fire of our creative spirit lies our deepest desire to be known—to be seen, heard and felt in the world, a desire to live true to our purpose. Join Tom around the sacred flame of a fire circle and rediscover your truth. Learn more here.


Sacred Art

Tom presents his offering of sacred art through handcrafted prayer sculptures. These artistic expressions capture both long-standing Native American traditions while also celebrating the culture we find and develop for ourselves as time goes by. Learn more here.

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What our Clients Say

It is difficult if not impossible to express in words what Tom does with his fire ceremonies and his prayer sculptures. It is best to experience these things on your own and to find your own meaning in them. For that is the essence of his work. ... More

Brad Tafoya

Being with Tom in a fire ceremony is an opportunity to feel deeply held by the ancient mystery of Life. It is a space of safety where we can touch to reveal to ourselves, and perhaps others, what is most important and most intimate. We leave with our hearts less burdened. ... More

Zita Xavier

I have benefited greatly from sitting around the fire with Tom Garcia. Tom and his authentic work continually remind me of the importance of ritual and sacred ceremony in my life. It’s these times that enable me to safely share and receive. I am always a better person for the experience. More

Jeffrey Markel

Sage, shaman, guide, and friend. Sitting at the fire with Tom felt like coming home—ancient, familiar, and profoundly moving. I sat at the fire circle in a small group at a time when there was a fire restriction. Fire was not even necessary to set the sacred space with Tom ... More


My time in Durango with Dr. Tom of "Reclaim the Sacred" was indeed radically, intimately, profoundly sacred. At the fire ceremony I found myself connecting with deep parts of myself, accessing support from mysterious ancestral guides, and feeling in tune with nature ... More

Susan Peirce Thompson, PhDNew York Times bestselling author and the founder of Bright Line Eating.

Tom Garcia is a gifted man on many levels. He is a healer, master story teller, and a natural born shaman. Tom’s element is Fire and I’ve been privileged to attend his powerful fire circle ceremonies on several occasions. During these sacred circles, I’ve witnessed great healings in young and old alike ... More

Robert Han Bishop, PhDHost & Producer, Transforming Reality Talk Show

I was desperately seeking healing for my mind, body, and spirit. I was new to Durango, Colorado and was referred to Dr. Tom Garcia by a dear friend. I immediately noticed his authenticity was remarkable just by speaking to him on the phone. . ... More

Lisa Jean Gorgone

Tom Garcia’s Story of Personal Transformation

Listen to a live recording of Tom at the Raven Narratives telling his story of reclaiming the sacred in his life. This is his personal journey of finding his voice and finding his purpose while caring for his friend in the last stages of his life.

Tom Garcia of Reclaim the Sacred in a video interview with Lori Williams of Intuitive specialists

Lori attended a Reclaim the Sacred 3 day retreat and explains what has transformed in her life because of the retreat.

Handcrafted Prayer Sculptures

Bundles of sage, sweetgrass, tobacco, cedar, and corn. Feathers from turkey, owl, hawk and peacock. Healing crystals bathed in the moonlight of a full lunar cycle. Spirit stones collected from inspired places. Watch as Tom creates more than a healing modality; these beautifully handcrafted prayer sculptures gathered from nature’s finest elements are truly sacred art, a blessing for home or office.

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